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Multipair Thermocouple Cables
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TC Measurement & Control Inc
for Temperature Sensing, Measurement and Control
Tel: 708 449 0700
Toll Free: 877 244 1777

With several decades of specialization in temperature management, TC offers expert service, exceptional levels of quality and an unbeatable commitment to customer support.
Email us at info@tc-inc.com
or phone us toll free on
877 244 1777
T C Measurement and Control, Inc offers a complete range of temperature measurement products including general thermocouples, mineral insulated thermocouples, thermocouple cables, thermocouple connectors and platinum resistance thermometers.
Thermocouples and RTD sensors can be manufactured to your exact requirements within days or are available immediately from stock.

The company has grown dramatically since its incorporation in 1973, and the group has achieved ISO 9001 registration and boasts an in-house certified calibration laboratory.

We are a world class company with a wealth of experience amongst our employees and are dedicated to on-going training in all aspects of the  
business so that we can continue to provide an excellent level of service and product support to all our customers.

With factories in many countries and an international network of distributors, TC has the resources and expertise to provide worldwide advice and equipment to companies across the globe.