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Temperature Controllers

Low Cost Temperature Controllers

This new range of powerful and versatile yet low cost PID controllers have a dual 4 digit display of process and set values and can be ranged by the user for a variety of inputs and alarms. These auto tuning controllers also feature continuous self tuning which in the majority of applications sets the controller up for optimum performance.
  • PID Auto tuning or On/Off can be selected
  • 1/16 DIN (1.88"x1.88"x3.93" deep)
    1/8 DIN (3.78"x1.88"x3.93" deep)
    1/4 DIN (3.78"x3.78"x3.93" deep)
  • 4 digit dual LED display
  • Accuracy: Typically better than ±0.3% FSV
  • 100-240V AC as standard
  • Customer rangeable for Type K J T N E R S and B thermocouple or Pt100 inputs
  • Temperature (process or deviation) alarms can be easily configured
  • Relay or Solid State Relay drive (SSR)
  • Non volatile memory
  • 2 year warranty

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