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Aerograde™ Surface Temperature Sensor
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A breakthrough in surface temperature measurement from TC Measurement and Control Inc.
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Widely used in the aerospace industry for dynamic testing of composite structures, the innovative Aerograde™ cement-on thermocouple from TC is a lightweight surface temperature sensor, ideally suited to any application where an extremely fast response to changes in temperature is required.

A class 1 thermocouple is embedded between two paper thin, glass reinforced, polymer laminates which are then kiln fired to make a sensor measuring just 0.5” x 0.80” x 0.005”. The Aerograde™ sensor provides millisecond responses and high dielectric strength combined with a very low thermal mass and physical profile.
These stick-on sensors are available in types K, T, J and N thermocouples, they feature Kapton® insulated leads and have a temperature range of -425° to +700°F short term use or continuous use up to 575°F.

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