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Miniature Bearing Temperature Sensors
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Miniature temperature sensors specifically designed for measuring temperature in bearing housings.
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A range of high accuracy, miniature temperature sensors designed specifically for use in bearing shoe applications to give a reliable indication of bearing wear and oil film breakdown through continuous monitoring of temperature have been developed by TC Measurement and Control Inc.

The sensors, which are available in both thermocouple and RTD versions, are designed to fit beneath the Babbitt layer of the bearing shoe and are supplied in either a spring loaded or a standard construction.

Bearing thermocouples and RTD sensors have an operating temperature range of -15°F to +480°F. and are supplied with 6 feet of cable.

Standard assemblies are easy to install in drilled holes for general temperature sensing applications whereas the spring loaded ‘top hat’ style assemblies are nserted into a milled hole with a retaining clip pushed down to compress the spring and retain the sensor against the surface being monitored.

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