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SPECTITE™ Sealed Feedthrough Assemblies
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SPECTITE sealed feedthrough assemblies for pressure and vacuum applications.
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Spectite, a NEW range of pressure and vacuum sealed feedthrough assemblies for sensors, probes, electrodes and wires is now available from TC Measurement and Control Inc.

Sealed feedthroughs, sometimes called sealing glands, are used to seal elements under the most arduous conditions and have many applications in a wide variety of industries such as: Process Plant, Power Generation, Pharmaceutical etc.

They inhibit the leakage of gases or other media and restrain the elements from moving in the assembly because of differential pressure. In some assemblies, elements are also electrically isolated from the feedthrough body and from each other. The feedthroughs are made from stainless steel and are designed for mounting on to a process vessel or enclosure.

Versions can be specified to seal on both single and multiple elements of different types and sizes. The cap nut is tightened to a pre-set torque to compress an internal sealant. The sealant provides an efficient pressure seal on the elements without damaging them. At the same time it restrains them from moving. Epoxy sealing is not used.

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