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Miniature Thermocouple Temperature Sensors
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The Latest News
Miniature Temperature Sensors
A range of fast response, flexible mineral insulated thermocouple sensors ideal for demanding, precision temperature measurement applications is now available from TC Measurement & Control Inc... more
Thermocouple Connectors
Comprehensive thermocouple connector systems for every application are now available from stock including standard and miniature connectors, hi temp connectors and multiway connector systems ... more
A breakthrough in surface temperature measurement
Aerograde surface temperature sensors
Widely used in the aerospace industry for dynamic testing of composite structures, the innovative Aerograde™ cement-on thermocouple from TC is a lightweight surface temperature sensor ... more
NEW! High temperature magnetic thermocouple
This versatile magnet sensor from TC is suitable for high temperature measurements on ferrous surfaces up to a maximum of 900°F... more
Hi Temp Magnetic temperaure sensors
Miniature bearing temperature sensors
A range of high accuracy, miniature temperature sensors designed specifically for use in bearing shoe applications to give a reliable indication of bearing wear and oil film breakdown through continuous monitoring of temperature have been developed by TC Measurement & Control Inc ...more

SPECTITE Sealed Feedthrough Assemblies
Spectite, a NEW range of pressure and vacuum sealed feedthrough assemblies for sensors, probes, electrodes and wires is now available from TC Measurement and Control Inc. ...more

Custom Built Temperature Sensors
Any kind of thermocouple assembly can be designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding applications by TC Measurement and Control Inc ...more